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About  Towanda

Towanda D. Darden is emerging as a highly sought-after speaker and respected voice amongst this generation. She is a prayer warrior and a passionate minister of the gospel, and her bold yet practical delivery of the Word is encouraging women and men from all walks of life. Through the Word of God, she brings hope to those who have felt lost, broken, and overlooked, and she reminds them that they are needed in the Kingdom of God, and God still knows their name.

Towanda is no stranger to trials and challenging situations. She survived a near-death experience at the age of 22, involving a car accident that had her hospitalized for 42 days. The hand of God has always been upon her life. Her faith is likened to that of Job. Regardless of what life brings her way, her faith in God continues to rise to the top. She believes that the Kingdom of God extends outside of the church’s four walls; therefore, she is passionate about feeding the homeless, being an active participant in community engagement, and mentoring young women. 

She is not only called to leadership within ministry but also leadership in business and entrepreneurship. Towanda is

the author of The Break before my Breakthrough, which is a compelling story about her life that offers healing and encouragement to the reader. In 2009 she started her first company, where she is the CEO of Empowering Youth for Positive Change (EYPC), a Mental Health Counseling Corporation, where she works with at-risk youth to keep them in the home and out of the judicial system. Towanda advocates for youth from all walks of life because she believes it’s not where you’ve been, however, where you are going.  EYPC also supports adults with mental health challenges in support of strengthening their minds using various techniques. Towanda is the CEO of “I am Towanda Darden,” where she provides consulting services to new and existing businesses, assisting with evaluating current business structures. 

Towanda has achieved an Executive M.B.A. from the Jack Welch Management Institute of Strayer University. She remains a student at Walden University pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Work and Human Services. Towanda is also pursuing her License Clinical Pastoral Counselor through the National Christian Counselors Association.  In 2015 Towanda became an Internationally Certified  Life Coach, where she believes understanding Leadership, Life, Adversity, and Transition is key to getting your life, business, or family on track.  Towanda has successfully helped so many individuals find direction and support to navigate through their current season.  In doing so, Towanda helps uncover the possibilities embedded in the problems of life and work. Towanda partners with individuals, organizations, and teams who are looking for solutions! Towanda strategizes with you to find ways of creating efficiency, abundance, and more joy in every area of life no matter what the circumstance. She also specializes in helping people shift their perspective on what they can achieve and discover.  

Towanda shares her business acumen and strategy to achieve wealth through mentoring youth and young entrepreneurs. Towanda has allowed her life journey to be used by God as a catalyst to minister to God’s people from an authentic place. She has a heart for the people and a passion for seeing them move from pain to purpose and experience a life of Victory. She is the proud wife of Solomon Darden and the proud mother of Elise and Solomon. She is a daughter, sister, and friend. Most of all, she is a woman after God’s own heart and will never let a rock cry out in her place.

Towanda Darden
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