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"A Journey of Faith,

Hope and Forgiveness”




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"I do believe that Heaven is looking down on us each day and we

are required to level up in our spiritual walk, in our families, and in our communities. It time for us to start believing that BETTER DAYS are coming."


Hello Beautiful!

I’m so glad you’re here. It’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We have so many demands on us; we have our children, spouses, parents, and others who need us. I know the feeling. I'm a wife and mother, and I am also a boss. Some call me "the boss lady". I can tell you that this boss lady knows the struggle of running a business, going to school, and being a Super-women; and not only that, but doing these things during a global pandemic. Trust me, you are not alone. I can relate to the pressures and struggles.

But I also believe it is time for you to re-position yourself, elevate to another level in your thinking, and reassess your priorities. It’s time to discover your gifts and talents, and discover what God has for you. During the hardest, most difficult times in our lives, spending time with God is critical; it makes all of the difference in our lives.


This book is a journey of discovery, but the journey doesn't end with the book; continue with me on my YouTube channel “IAmTowandaDarden” and dont' forget to subscribe. I will be releasing plenty of video content to go along with the book. It is time to position yourself to receive your breakthrough!

Towanda Darden
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My utmost desire was to share my story with the world about how I fell in love with Jesus. I wanted to reveal how GOD has - and still - bestowed His favor upon my life despite my many shortcomings. Furthermore, through my story, I endeavor to show you how God can do the same for you.


I wrote this for the woman and men who have been dealt more than their share of hurt, pain, and disappointments.


I believe wholeheartedly that we can and must learn from each other's mistakes, and understand that trials and tribulations only make us stronger and wiser. I also believe that God will never put more on us than we can bear, so there's a purpose behind the things you and I go through.

Heaven is looking down upon us each day, cheering us on, but we must "level up" in our spiritual walk so that we can strengthen our families and impact our communities. It time to start believing that BETTER DAYS are coming.

God has so many great things in store for you this season of your life, he just needs you to believe just that, and trust him in the process.




This self-help book is designed to help women persist in their faith, hope, and forgiveness. This book will help women who are seeking to live out their purposes and believe God for the impossible in their lives. This book is perfect for...

  • Women’s Groups

  • Mommas

  • Bible Study Gatherings

  • Women Ready to Reinvent and SHIFT

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Masterminds

  • Career Women

  • Women’s Ministries

  • Teenager Girls

  • Coaches

  • Women Who Lead (or Desire To)

  • Change Makers


Let’s see what happens when you show up in prayer and believe that God will bless you, and change your

language from “What if” to” It’s already done!”


Towanda Darden

101 Pilgrim Village Dr.
Suit 400
Cumming GA, 30040


(804) 908-6088

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